IVS Software with Plate-Based Access Control & Parking Management

Smarten up your CCTV system with intelligent analytics and practical video management


Why spend time at the security monitors, constantly scanning what is happening – or looking for previous events browsing through records for hours – if the IVS5 intelligent video analytics software does these all automatically?

Any security team will benefit from the intelligent analytics IVS5 provides, as less attention and less human resource are required when using such a system. IVS5 uses the smart functions of connected security cameras that detect multiple happenings in your area, such as any movement, tripwire crossing, thefts, and more. This CCTV management system offers intelligent event-based search, so those records of interest become instantly accessible when needed.

Highlighted features


Intelligent event display

The intelligent live view automatically displays an enlarged view of a detected event to parry emergencies immediately.


Automatic alerts

Set automatic notification even to your smartphone if a current event accords to your pre-defined settings.


Intelligent search

Instead of long hours of searching records, the software automatically shows only those of interest.


Camera agnostic

IVS5 works with various CCTV cameras, monitoring video streams independently of camera brand and model.


System reliability

Detailed live status monitoring and automatic alerts immediately show any system malfunction.


Wide scalability

From home security cameras to city-wide surveillance systems this software offers full coverage.

video surveillance with automatic alerts

Automatic alerts

Lean back – your property is safe. The pre-defined alerts will inform you automatically if there is anything to check.

cctv system with intelligent live view

Intelligent Live View

Why stare at screens where nothing happens – Intelligent Live view shows only those where there is movement or a predefined event occurs.

6 camera detectors that can further smarten your IVS5 CCTV system

Motion detection

Motion detection


Tripwire detection

Direction detection

Direction detection

Entry detection

Entry detection


Sabotage detection

Theft detection

Theft detection

Enhancing PTZ capabilities

Using IVS5, you can maximize the performance of your PTZ cameras as well:


Integrated PTZ control

Apply user-defined presets for specific angles and zoom – if selected, the camera instantly turns in position, so there is no need for manually controlling the camera.


Fixed view of PTZ records

If only a specific direction or angle is important, PTZ camera records can be reviewed as the view of a fixed camera - instead of constantly searching between the movements.

Outstanding CCTV capabilities by connecting IVS5 to Intellio smart cameras

When using our CCTV cameras with IVS5 you can benefit from all these industry-specific systems: Intellisport / Intellicity / Intellihome / Intellilogistics / Intellishop / Intellimotion

intellisport cctv for stadiums


Security for massive crowds in vast spaces

  • Interactive 3D map display
  • The whole stadium can be monitored through a zoomable panorama image
  • Images of passport photo quality
intellicity cctv surveillance for cities


Public area security in a smart way

  • Map display, centralized monitoring of the whole city
  • Quick event-, motion- and object-based search
  • Optional license plate recognition with Carmen® software
  • Managing even hundreds of endpoints
intellihome home security system


Your home safety – ensured

  • Integrated solution of Intellio CCTV cameras and IVS5 video management software
  • Day & night vision – crystal-clear images 24/7
  • Automatic alerts to your smartphone about any movement or tripwire detection – with appropriate CCTV camera
  • Control the video system from anywhere
intellilogistics cctv system for logistics


Trackable processes, effective operation

  • Centralized monitoring of different areas of the logistics park (parking lot, buildings, personnel)
  • The whole logistics centre displayed on an interactive 3D map
  • Intelligent search for events, motion and objects
  • Detection of object motion, object tracking – with appropriate CCTV camera
intellimotion cctv system for public transport


Video surveillance in public transportation

  • Data recording on moving vehicles by CCTV cameras, automatic transfer to servers
  • Intelligent search in recorded footage
  • Stable and sharp imaging in all light conditions

Planning a new CCTV system?

Discover the versatile portfolio of Intellio CCTV cameras


Product main feature 1 Video management system with event-based search functions
Product main feature 2 Monitor wall, panoramic view and digital surveillance functions
Type of product Windows-based VMS software
Multi-site support Enterprise license: Yes + additional redundancy and multi-server support (max. 4 server/site), SOHO license: Yes
ANPR Optional, server-side; Using the World No. 1. Carmen ANPR engine
Accuracy of ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy on global coverage
Number of cameras Endless
Maximum recording speed 1200fps / server
Video compression Intellio Video Codec; MPEG4; H.264; H.265; MJPEG
NAS support SMB / CIFS
Storage 360 days, emergency and long-term storage options available
Live monitoring 60 cameras simultaneously (on 2 displays)
Split screen layouts 11 camera views 4:3 layouts (max. 5 × 6 cameras), 10 camera views 16:9 layouts (max. 5 × 4 cameras)
Intelligent Live View Automatic display toggle triggered by alarms
PTZ control Vector based PTZ control; Presets; Patrolling task; Intelligent 3D Map based PTZ control
Navigate between cameras By on-screen arrows
Interactive 3D map Street Map; 3D Building View; Floor plans for each level; Live View and Alarm Display
Panoramic view Interlinked images, even in multiple rows, unlimited resolution
Playback functions Bookmarks, Slideshow (thumbnail based event search), Multi-channel (up to 16 cameras) playback, PTZ preset based playback, Intelligent event search, Intelligent motion search, Intelligent object search
Licensing Enterprise, SOHO
IVS SOHO Max. No. of connected clients: 2, Max user profiles: 2
IVS Enterprise Max. No. of connected clients: unlimited, Max. user profiles: unlimited
Optionally licensed functions ANPR, Domain support, Monitor wall, SDK for integration
Supported GUI languages ENG, HUN, GUI is open to be translated to other languages
Load balance Automatically divide network load among available servers
Supported Operating Systems Windows (64bit)
Integration Event, I/O port support, Motion detector, ONVIF and RTSP (MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265) with audio support, PTZ control
Software development kit (SDK) Open API
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