Carmen® ANPR Cloud (SaaS)

Carmen® powered ANPR Cloud SaaS
Get instant license plate data anytime, anywhere,
without building an ANPR system.


Carmen® ANPR Cloud (or just ANPR cloud) is the easiest way to power up your system with a pay-per-use plate recognition function. The cloud-based SaaS brings you the benefits of the Carmen® ANPR Image software without you having to invest in a dedicated server, handle multiple hardware keys, and spend time and money on developing a system from scratch.

ANPR Cloud is the perfect solution for those looking for a robust, secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage solution without capital expenditures. To find out how a cloud-based plate recognition service that only entails operational costs could benefit your business, use our guide to calculate your return on investment (ROI).

You can use ANPR Cloud with Adaptive Recognition’s traffic monitoring or access control ANPR cameras or your own. Alternatively, turn your mobile phone into a plate recognition device with the Carmen® Mobile application, powered by ANPR Cloud.

Highlighted Features


Runs in the Cloud

No need for dedicated ANPR server. No need for hardware keys. Automatic engine updates.


Pay Only What You Need

Our wide range of credit packages allow you to tailor your subscription to your needs.


Easy Integration

No need for advanced developer skills. Simple integration via REST API.


Global Coverage

A single subscription gives you access to all regional ANPR engines.


Data Security

Secure data transfer through HTTPS. Images deleted after processing. GDPR compliance. Learn more


Configurable Parameters

In future software versions, parameter settings for individual cameras will be possible online for increased accuracy.

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For each uploaded image, the data package returned by ANPR Cloud includes:

License Plate

License Plate

The software recognizes 36,000+ plate types and provides accurate recognition even for non-optimal images.

Make and Model

Make and Model

230+ vehicle brands and 1700+ models recognized, using a database that is constantly being updated.



All the commonly used vehicle colors are part of the data package. Colors are recognized even in low light conditions.

Choose Your Subscription

ANPR Cloud comes with three types of subscription options. You can <b>upgrade or downgrade later</b> as you wish, according to the needs of your project.


Get 200 ANPR / vehicle identification transactions every month for free and without any obligatory costs.


Select from many options between 10K and 1280K monthly ANPR transactions as per your business need.


We are ready to offer a tailor-made solution for your project if you need more or a different capacity than our monthly subscription packages.

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Product main feature 1 >99% ANPR accuracy on a global scale
Product main feature 2 Carmen Cloud, Saas ANPR/LPR
License location Cloud
Input type Image
Form of software Cloud API
Make & model recognition Yes, optional
Supported Operating Systems Cloud-based SaaS, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Licensing One-time 25k recognition credit package, Pay-per-use, based on credits
Credit calculation One credit / ANPR recognition request, One credit / MMR recognition request
Input BMP, JPEG, Location data, PNG, Source name, Unique ID
Request format HTTP Post method, Standard multipart / form-data format
Security SHA-256 hash algorithm, according to (FIPS) PUB 180-4
Output Character suggestions, Confidence level (in %) of recognition, Coordinates of plate and every character, Country/State/Province ID, ID of recognized images, License plate in ASCII or UNICODE format, Time stamp
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The use of the Carmen® engine has produced a very manageable, predictable and cost-effective ALPR solution which ATS utilizes as a valuable, technology based efficiency component, of the services we offer our customers.

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