Overview of our entire product range

Speed Measurement Tools for traffic enforcement

Passport Readers and ID Scanners With OCR & Authentication Software

World-class scanners and software for automated reading and authentication of IDs. Support both 1st and 2nd line ID management applications.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR) Software

Various types of reliable ANPR/ALPR software with global coverage and Make and Model recognition. Available as on-premise SDK or as cloud-based SaaS.

Automatic Industrial Code Recognition Software

Software for recognizing various types of industrial codes such as Container Codes (ISO 6346 -BIC, ILU, and ACCR_USA), Railway Codes (UIC, BRA, AAR, RUS), Dangerous Goods Sings (ADR, IMO), and Commercial Vehicle Codes (US-DOT, Chassis Number).

ANPR/ALPR Cameras and Software for Access Control

Fixed ANPR/ALPR cameras for parking and access control and event data collection software.

ANPR/ALPR Cameras and Software for Traffic Monitoring

Speed & Traffic Enforcement Cameras and Software

Fixed and portable speed enforcement and traffic violation detection cameras, and traffic events database with analytics.


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