Project products

Products designed to fit specific project requirements

About project products

The products described in this section have been designed according to specific requirements for given projects. We are the original designer and owner of the product IP rights and we can manufacture these models, but as these are not part of our standard product range, the stock availability could be limited.

Learn about the actual lead-time and further customization options by contacting us. Our sales colleagues will be happy to answer your questions.

We have built our business around anticipating and satisfying the needs of our clients. While many companies offer customized products, they are not equal when it comes to streamlined solutions and who can offer real custom-made products. Dependable results with proven records of quality is how we do business, by utilizing our vast engineering expertise. If you still don’t find the product you were looking for, just tell us your challenge and we are here to help you in finding a solution.

Contact us today and we will be happy to help in finding the most appropriate solution for your needs!


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