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These unique features can help to improve your workflow each and every day.

It’s the details that make this device a real game changer in the ID verification industry. Take a closer look to find out why.

Clear, instant feedback on the built-in OLED display

The integrated OLED display provides guidance before, during, and after scanning. It gives you the verification results instantly in a way that is easy to understand – even if you do not have experience with checking IDs.

Osmond is faster than "quick"

Every Osmond unit has a dedicated, built-in chip for hardware-accelerated image enhancement, which ensures the best performance and image quality even if used with slower PCs. High color fidelity, post-processed images – ready for your application in less than a second. That's how fast it is!

Your personal document forgery expert

Modern ID documents have many security layers. Using different illumination wavelengths, lighting angles, and the power of the Authentication Checker application, Osmond gets beyond the surface and analyzes document layers one by one. Ink, paper material, UV patterns, holograms, integrated chip, and more; Osmond deals with them all in an instant.

Discover Authentication Checker

Adaptive to its environment

Its simple and well-designed shape allows usage both in desktop and built-in environments, such as self-service e-gates or check-in kiosks. In many of these self-service installations the device operates without a cover, but there’s no need to worry about external light affecting its scanning performance. Adaptive Light Control, our innovative image-enhancing feature, filters out any interference that would disturb authentication or character recognition.

Hands-free scanning

Thanks to our flexible document holder solution, you just place an ID or passport on the scanning surface and can leave it there while the scanning is performed. It’s quite practical, especially for scanning e-passports, which require several seconds to retrieve the digital data.

Maximized connectivity

Osmond offers a speedy USB connection by default, while some models are capable of communicating via a network, such as Ethernet, WIFI, or even 4G. If your Ethernet cable is PoE+, then it also functions as power supply. This means that N and F models can work with a single cable connection.

Long-term usage guaranteed

With maintenance-free operation in mind, our engineers have achieved a design excluding any moving parts or anything which might need to be replaced – with an IP54-protected housing and IP68-grade connectors.

Remote updates

Having hundreds of units scattered around in various offices, even in different cities, won’t make for any problem when they are updated all at once if they are accessible through a network. Osmond’s remote management feature offers swift updates to your entire system.

Explore the second-line authentication performance with the simplicity and cost of first-line verification devices

Authorities define two levels of identity document verification: first-line authentication and second-line authentication.

First-line authentication includes automated checks for quick verification of IDs but does not go into minute detail.
Second-line authentication happens when an ID is inspected by experts using special tools, with multiple illuminations, magnification, etc.

Osmond does not settle for first-line verification – it goes beyond it, including features that are used only in second-line checks, but in the form of classic first-line units.

ID scanner with edge light

The devil is in the details – catch them using oblique light

When you look very closely, an ID will show enticing elements that are barely recognized by the naked eye… and sometimes worrisome details that could even uncover a forgery.

Oblique light comes from a low angle and makes tactile/embossed elements highly apparent, so you can thoroughly inspect a document’s surface and happen upon potential forgeries. It’s one of Osmond’s special features that makes it unique on the market.

JURA IPI decoding

Seeing even the

These days, IDs contain more and more security features – and some of them are not even visible. For example, Invisible Personal Information (IPI), designed by the security feature pioneer JURA – is hidden data encrypted in facial portraits.

IPI is impossible to recreate by criminals, as it is invisible and generated using a tricky algorithm – but Osmond automatically visualizes and decrypts this feature.

Microprint visualization

It’s not only the high resolution but also the prime optics that let you visualize delicate background graphics and some types of microprints. These security elements are hard to copy – therefore fake IDs can be easily detected if the microprints and background graphics are unclear.

3 configurations, designed for your business.

Check IDs like never before. Osmond will make your a real forgery expert.