Introducing Adaptive Recognition Hungary

What is ARH?

ARH stands for Adaptive Recognition Hungary. A truly inventive group of creative minds, developing and manufacturing AI-based image processing technology, for the traffic, security and identity industries.

Where we come from

Back in the 90s, two brothers were keen and dedicated for a university project: modeling how the human mind recognizes characters. Can this operation be performed by a software? Is a software capable recognizing characters of the alphabet and turning it to digital information? – such questions proved to be exceptional motivators. The outcome was one of the world’s first license plate recognition software, based on real machine learning – a technology that got widespread way after the 2010s.

The project was a success, and it was not a question what’s next: beginning to fine-tune the engine. This is the engine which later formed the base of the now industry-leader Carmen® ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software.

The small startup transformed to a professional international company with headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, local offices in the USA, Singapore, Denmark and the Czech Republic, with 300+ employees and 30+ representative partners worldwide.

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Portfolio in a nutshell

  • ARH focuses on hardware and software development, creating technology for
  • License plate recognition (software and purpose-built cameras)
  • Identity document verification (scanner devices with OCR and authentication software)
  • ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CCTV security systems
  • Industrial code recognition (such container codes and railway codes)

ARH technology can be found from government to commercial applications in a wide range of environments, such as border control, police, hotels, parking houses, banks, public areas, highways and more.

There is a high chance that our traffic cameras have already read your license plate or our scanners have verified your ID.

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Our differentiators

It is usually an elusive topic – why choose a specific company, rather than working with others? In this section we show what we feel as the most important reasons besides us.

Our main advantage is twofold: the outstanding accuracy rate and our true determination.

The ‘quality’ – but not what you have heard a million times

During our three-decade presence on the market, we had the chance to see: any company can offer ‘high quality’ devices – it never really turns out unless a customer eventually starts using them. It is especially true for security technology – a technology where human trust is actively involved.
When speaking about quality, we derive our conclusion using valid and detached sources: our customers’ feedback and our own comparison tests of the available solutions. Many times we have reviews from partners, that they tested several solutions on the market, but ARH proved to be the best. Several of our clients were previously users of competitor technology – and quality was the decisive factor that motivated them to change.

Carmen®, our flagship OCR product, for example, offers true market-leader accuracy – results that no other player can achieve.


True determination

The mentioned high quality performance, as our standard, could not be achieved without real determination. We love what we do and we keep going to the extremes: challenging technology limits – finding solutions for engineering questions even if those seem impossible at first.
Projects with image analytics or OCR requirements can be very demanding and will accept only unquestionable performance. These criteria may be even fearful to technology providers and make them reluctant to face the strict requirements. At ARH, we feel the contrary: those hard requirements others fear make us really motivated.

Our technology is based on OCR and image processing that we polish to the maximum to reach a performance no one else can. This is realized in various development projects – when we stretch the limits of ANPR accuracy, or fine-tune ID verification speed even to the last milliseconds, or when we measure speed even from 1 kilometer distance, and even more. Some of these special achievements are included in our success stories.

Further differentiators

In addition to the mentioned corporate attitudes, there are some more general factors we consider as real advantages:

  • Focusing on machine learning & OCR
    Unlike large corporations with many diversified activities, we focus on OCR and image processing-related technology only. This is how we can be real experts on this field and this allows having our own, well-founded know-how that is required for security technology.
  • Solution-oriented, quick support
    We have a highly reactive support team, offering a wide range of services: from simply providing guidance for a question, to 3rd level integration assistance. Our support operation is aided with comprehensive documentation and product tutorial videos as well.
  • Serving custom needs flexibly
    We know how many projects require customized solutions – and we are specialized for that. Our development and manufacturing capacity allows us to quickly produce new design plans and prototypes. Some of our remarkable references include such custom-made devices or software – read more about these success stories here.

Our vision

To approach a smart world where traffic, travel and customer experience are swift and secure.

A world with less accidents, safer public areas, seamless travel, secure bank transactions – are only a part of what we envision.

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