New Zealand

Fueling time reduced by 50% at Z Energy

Driving off without making a payment? In this case, it was not the worst nightmare of the fuel station chain – it was their wildest dream come true.

About the client

Z Energy

Z Energy is a New Zealand fuel distributor with branded service stations. It comprises some of the former assets of Shell New Zealand and Chevron New Zealand. Since mid-August 2013, it has been listed on the NZX with the code ZEL. (Wikipedia)

Quick project facts

  • Company: Z Energy
  • Industry: Fuel retail
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Product: Carmen® license plate recognition software
  • Quantity: 200+ sites

The challenge

Fuel-and-go: the idea was to enable customers to fill up and drive off – a no cash / no card system that is quick & hassle-free. For this, two major functions had to be implemented:

  • an automatic payment system that is trusted by both the customer and the fuel retailer,
  • and a reliable vehicle identification that works in all weather conditions, night & day.

The solution

For the vehicle identification Z Energy uses professional license plate recognition technology: the smart CCTV component of the system recognizes when a vehicle is filling up with fuel and a so-called LPR engine identifies the pre-registered vehicle.

When the fueling is completed, the payment is made automatically through a smartphone app. Not only does the new solution speed up refuelling: it also improves security by deterring potential criminals. The solution is made possible by the collaboration of Adaptive Recognition’s global market leader Carmen® License Plate Recognition technology, Axis Video Management Software, Focus Digital Security and Digifort.


  • For the drivers

Motorists save time and effort by simply filling up the car and driving off. Payment is done automatically – based on the smart analytics of video footage recorded at the fuelling station, plate- based vehicle identification and a smartphone app.

  • For the fuel station

The gains of the new solution are many. One advantage is fast refuelling streamlined by cutting payment time & reducing queues at the station. Another advantage is improved fuel station security via smart CCTV surveillance. By gaining customer trust, and by creating a vehicle-based profile, fuel retailers also generate new business opportunities.

Learn more at the Z Energy Fastlane project’s official site.

About license plate recognition

This project includes the Carmen® ANPR software, the flagship of Carmen® Recognition Software family, developed Adaptive Recognition Hungary Inc. The software offers country-independent license plate recognition for not only Latin characters, but also for Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai and many more, as well as reflective, non-reflective, personalized and special interest plates that are typical for instance in many U.S. states.

Carmen® is praised for its outstanding recognition rates – a true advantage thanks to its more than 25 years of development by OCR experts. Carmen® is a proven technology, currently used by around 10,000 integrator companies, running in more than 80,000 license plate recognition systems around the world.

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