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Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR) is the beating heart of smart cities. Think traffic flow management, real-time accident response, emission control, toll automation, green zone access management. You cannot tackle these challenges without solid, integration-ready software that provides reliable, real-time traffic data based on license plates 24/7.

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Carmen® ANPR/ALPR Results for Smart City

The Backbone of Your Smart City Project

Finding the best way to capture license plate data is one thing, feeding it into an entire system is another. The Carmen® ANPR/ALPR software comes in different versions to be seamlessly integrated into your project: SDK, plug’n’play software, or cloud-based app. Make and Model Recognition (MMR) or dangerous goods recognition (ADR, IMO) engines are also available as add-ons.

Reliability and versatility are what make Carmen® stand out in the ANPR software market, and have done so for 30+ years.

A solid foundation that you can build your project on, always with the liberty of options.

Practical Uses of CARMEN® in Smart Cities

Projects You Can Build on ANPR/ALPR Technology:

  • Vehicle movement tracking
  • Smart city parking system
  • Road safety
  • Vehicle emission categories enforcement
  • Controlling traffic lights depending on traffic
  • Guiding cars to different paths to avoid traffic jams
  • Smart gas station – automatic payment, marketing research, personalized messages
  • Diverting trucks with ADR/IMO signs from city centers
  • Traffic optimization
  • Electric cars – charging stations, special parking zones
  • Private security services

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Highlights for Integrators

Why Opt for Carmen® in Your Smart City Project

Camera Agnostic

All of our Carmen® products are fully compatible with any CCTV/IP/ANPR/LPR camera independent of type and model. Direct stream-to-ANPR/LPR data service is also available.

Seamless Integration

Aside from running on x64 systems, Carmen® also offers ARM support, allowing perfect integration with embedded systems run on Raspberry PI or the NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

LEZ Surveillance

By combining Carmen’s ANPR and MMR data, low emission zone (LEZ) surveillance is a breeze. Create permissions based on residents or even vehicle classification.

Unlimited 24/7 Recognition

Carmen® can easily read an unlimited number of license plates, making it ideal for single- or multilane traffic monitoring.

License Plate Fraud Detection

The Carmen® ANPR combined with the Color, Make, and Model Recognition (MMR) engine is an excellent base for systems intended for spotting license plate-based frauds like switching plates.

Data Versatility

Thanks to the ANPR and MMR data provided by Carmen®, a wide range of smart city projects can be created, from automated vehicle classification and counting to road usage monitoring systems.

Choose Your Carmen®

The table below helps you decide which version of Carmen® best fits your project.

Carmen® FreeFlow

Ideal for those who want to integrate Carmen® into an existing system. This engine provides the near-instant analysis of still images, ADR, IMO, and MMR, plus worldwide recognition of over 36,000+ license plates.

Carmen® GO

The plug’n’play version of Carmen® with a straightforward interface and the option to acquire ANPR-ready images from a video stream. Comes with worldwide recognition of license plates and MMR.

ANPR Cloud

An entirely cloud-based solution for recognizing and analyzing still images, MMR, and ADR. No integration or installation is required, which makes it ideal for projects on a smaller scale.

1 BMP, JPEG, PNG, still image from memory

2 ASF (MPEG4), AVI (H.264), MJPEG, MKV (H.264), MP4 (H.264)

3 On PCs with Windows/Linux OS

4 AWS cloud-based software-as-a-service

5 ANPR = Automatic Number Plate Recognition; ADR = Automatic Dangerous Goods Recognition; IMDG = International Maritime Dangerous Goods; MMR = Make & Model + Color Recognition

6 SDK = software development kit; SaaS = cloud-based software-as-a-service; on-premise service = plug’n’play software with ready-to-use interface

7 Four updates per year for every regional engine based on a quarterly system

8 Single, dual, and quad licenses. The more the licenses, the more pictures are processed at the same time

9 For more detailed information, see our dedicated video.

10 Runs on Android OS, currently in Beta. Available on Google Play for FREE. (Coming soon!)

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