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November 13, 2018

ALPR myths – busted!

We are pleased to recommend the latest issue of Intertraffic World 2019, a prime publication covering multiple aspects of Intelligent Transportation technology. Offering a selection of excellent articles, the magazine’s latest issue features Adaptive Recognition’s contribution to shared industry knowledge.

Adaptive Recognition’s article debunks 4 myths related to Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR), or, to apply the magazine’s preferred terminology, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). Some common myths are about imaging, while some others are about image processing and system design options. Myth, reality and bottom line – the article covers each topic in an accessible, practical manner, sharing Adaptive Recognition’s field-tested in-depth knowledge accumulated in the course of over 27 years as a developer and manufacturer of key ANPR hardware and software components.

The 4 ANPR myths

The most frequent questions regarding ANPR – and their myths to be unraveled in the article:

  1. Can you use any CCTV camera as the imaging tool in an ANPR system – or built-for-the-task ANPR cameras actually produce superior results?
  2. Would it be a good idea to use a multi-megapixel recognition camera for ANPR – can it cover multiple lanes?
  3. In ANPR, is system accuracy the same as camera accuracy – or can a system actually work better than its components?
  4. Considering your alternatives in ANPR system architecture, which one is your best bet: server-side or camera-side ANPR image processing? Optimal use of bandwidth and flexibility are key factors.

As for the content of the article, it is the joint work of Adaptive Recognition’s executives and content marketing writers. As for layout and presentation of the article, the credit goes to the highly professional and committed editorial staff of Intertraffic World, who put in extra effort – as apparent from the great comic-style illustrations and the superb editing.

Learn how we debunk those myths

Read the article

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