Save the date: 15 June, AR LIVE! City Sentinel

Discover a unique and versatile neighborhood watch system through a one-off live interactive virtual experience.

AR LIVE! events are not only live but also engaging – after all, it is the acronym for Live Interactive Virtual Experience.

  • live broadcast – available on your PC or any smart device
  • interactive solution demo with participant questions, interactions, NO prerecorded parts
  • fun, compact, and straightforward online events – we guarantee you won’t fall asleep!

Our next event is:

AR LIVE! City Sentinel: 15 June 2021

Participation is free! Register here

City Sentinel LIVE! is definitely for you if you are

  • a system integrator who supplies (or wants to supply) technology for small/mid-sized cities
  • a decision-maker or an employee at a municipality
  • a concerned citizen with connections to the municipality

City Sentinel is unique and versatile neighborhood watch system that can empower moderately sized cities to

  • become smart cities with a focus on sustainability,
  • improve general safety within their premises to a whole new level
  • streamline their traffic (both internal and transit)
  • improve road quality (by knowing which sections need reinforcement)
  • decrease air pollution (especially in critical residential areas) and thus, improve air quality
  • and ultimately, make them more appealing to existing and new citizens

Do you think your city would benefit from this? Join us and be among the first to see how it works in real-world action!

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