Our new identity: Adaptive Recognition

We were ARH – and became Adaptive Recognition.

There are times when we feel the need to redefine ourselves: simplifying our meaning… strengthening our mission… creating a new corporate identity. This is how we became Adaptive Recognition after being ARH for 29 years.

adaptive recognition new corporate identity
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The reason of this change is threefold:

  • Firstly, we wanted to give a better meaning to our corporate identity. Though ARH stood for Adaptive Recognition Hungary, in most of the cases our company and our products were referred to simply as ARH – which is only an abbreviation and holds no message. Adaptive Recognition is, however, a title that immediately gives information about who we are and how we define our role in this world.
  • Secondly, we felt that one of our key differentiators, adaptivity, should be more emphasized. It is what defines ourselves and our products: it is what led us to where we currently are, it is that brought the success we currently benefit from.
  • And thirdly, we have been international for more than 20 years, now having 3 offices in Singapore, USA and Denmark and dozens of representative partners all over the world. Though we originate in Hungary, most of our signature projects belong to our international presence. Being still proud of what we come from, we decided to leave the letter ‘H’ from the corporate name and focus on our worldwide presence.
Adaptive Recognition office in Singapore
Adaptive Recognition office in Hungary
Adaptive Recognition office in the USA
Adaptive Recognition office in Denmark

If you knew ARH, please refer to us with Adaptive Recognition from now on. You will see more and more Adaptive Recognition-related content in the near future.

We hope you stay with us and will be part of this exciting journey: our brand still stands for high-quality image processing. It is about safe traffic, verified identity and enhanced security – image analytics perfected since 1991.

Should you have any questions regarding our new corporate identity, feel free to contact us.

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