Intertraffic 2020 postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19

Intertraffic is always an event of big relevations – and we have been also planning to introduce brand new innovations to you, including some major development milestones.

Intertraffic is one of the most important traffic events, calling all traffic, transportation and mobility professionals from around the world since its launch in 1972. Despite similar yearly shows, Intertraffic is held in every two years – so we, Adaptive Recognition, and all our partners and competitors have been really excited for this next episode.

New date: 23-26 March, 2021

However, as the worldwide situation changed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, most international events have been postponed, such as Intertraffic. Instead of the original date (21-24 April, 2020) it is now postponed to 23-26 March, 2021.

This new date gives us all 1 further year to prepare and get excited what to expect – we look forward to being there! Stay up-to-date about this event on Intertraffic’s official website:

Innovations we planned to share with you

Intertraffic is always an event of big relevations – and we have been also planning to introduce some brand new innovations to you. Actually, we completed the development of 2 solutions that we consider a major milestone in our company’s nearly 30-years history: an all-new Traffic Enforcement Lightbar and the cloud version of our industry-acclaimed License Plate Recognition software, Carmen®.

Our new Traffic Enforcement Lightbar

This is an all-in-one Traffic Enforcement Lightbar that jumps to a next level of live traffic surveillance by connecting general police security with high-end traffic surveillance. Both have existed separately but no other product has combined these yet in such a way as our innovation. This lightbar unifies all the following functions in one product:

  • on-the-go traffic monitoring
  • vehicle identification with ANPR
  • make & model recognition (MMR) + color detection
  • patrol car lightbar

To learn more about this innovation, head to its product page:

ANPR in the cloud ☁

Most of those who work in the traffic industry are familiar with the name Carmen®: our industry-leader number plate recognition software. Now it is available from the cloud, as a service, with instant results and valuable data for your business – either it is a corporate parking or a large-scale traffic monitoring system. What does it mean in practice?

  • You can get ANPR easily without building and investing in your own ANPR infrastructure
  • You save remarkable time and resources by skipping your own development and system build
  • You save money: you pay only for what you actually use, thanks to the pay-per-use model

This system comes with the same Carmen® benefits as our well-known license plate recognition technology has: with more than 30,000 known plates and outstanding recognition rate. There’s more – find out here:

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