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In this video, we collected all the crucial features and common application areas of the ANPR Cloud. Our service is capable of identifying more than 33,000 plate types, 100 vehicle brands, 1000 models, and all commonly used vehicle colors. Check out the details in this video.

ANPR Cloud feature video

Introduction to the ANPR Cloud Software as a Service

This is the first episode of the four-part video series that explains ANPR Cloud from scratch and takes you to the registration and integration phase. Are you ready to dive into the details?

4/1: Introduction

Learn the most important features & operation principles of ANPR Cloud

In this episode, you can learn the key features of ANPR Cloud: its platform-independent operation, the supported programming languages, the definition of ANPR and MMR, auto-optimization for the best performance, a strong emphasis on data protection, and output data.

4/2: Explore your benefits

Register and start using the service!

In this episode, you can learn how to register and start using the service. First, we take you through the registration process. Then, we explain the API key, utilizing your first 200-transactions, and get your first ANPR and MMR results. There is also a list of potential application areas for the service.

4/3: Register and go!

Build your system in just 1 hour with ANPR Cloud!

In the last episode, we take you through the steps required to integrate the ANPR Cloud service into your application and start using it in the field. We cover the API key and HTTP request-response format messaging, where you can find sample codes, examples of good input images, and guidelines to create a successful recognition process.

4/4: Build your system

Are you ready to dive in and start recognizing images?

Register & claim your free 200 transactions!