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Imagine a process where the input is a single image of a vehicle, and the output is digital license plate data (including country of origin, color and more).

ANPR Cloud makes it that easy: you submit your traffic images and immediately receive ready-to-use data for your application in JSON format.


What is ANPR Cloud?

It's a result of 30 years software engineering and inventive AI development – made accessible in the cloud, for your traffic project. Speed, accuracy and reliability are crucial factors when it comes to vehicle identification. Get all the details about those aspects and a tehnical overview about our service here.

cloud anpr performance in 125ms

It is simple: you send images, we provide data

Imagine a process where the input is an image of a vehicle and the output is digital license plate data (including country of origin, color and more). It’s that easy. Your application submits traffic images and immediately receives ready-to-use data. All you need to do is register with our cloud and the system furnishes your system with a token. Via the token, you shall receive port and host information for submitting images.

Worldwide coverage

cloud anpr with worldwide coverage

Worldwide coverage


33,000+ supported plate types


100+ vehicle brands


1,000+ models


All commonly used vehicle colors

... automatically updated, in the cloud.

Extended alphabet support

anpr cloud aphabet support

Extended alphabet support


Latin and Latin-based alphabets

Like the letters and numbers on plates from the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and many European countries like France, Spain, Slovakia, etc.


Arabic characters

Those highly familiar with ANPR know that these characters are quite tricky to decipher. But not for Carmen®, the brains behind the ANPR Cloud.


Asian alphabets

Cyrillic, Chinese, Thai, Bangla and many more non-latin alphabets are also included in our library.

ANPR data, and more

anpr cloud result package

ANPR data, and more


Digitized license plate number


Country of origin


OCR confidence level


License plate image


Time stamp

... it’s all of the data your project requires to make it a success.

Watch the ANPR Cloud feature video

vendor-independent cloud ANPR

Vendor-independent service

Send traffic images from any type of camera to the cloud, which can accommodate virtually every type of hardware you may be using, regardless of brand or model.

cloud anpr speed

Results in the blink of an eye

Your system receives accurate vehicle identification in under 125 milliseconds. For decades, we have been refining the engine that powers the ANPR Cloud, enabling it to sustain operation even under those heavy traffic loads that come with mega highway projects.

Test it yourself
cloud ANPR accuracy

An extraordinary rate of recognition across the globe

ANPR Cloud not only provides an unmatched level of accuracy – up to 99%; its recognition capability even supports non-reflective plates, distorted images and traffic photos taken in low light, at acute angles, or obscured by shadows, successfully overcoming challenges that other vendors cannot.

Non-optimal images: challenge accepted!

Obtaining optimal images from a traffic system is not always straightforward. You need a flexible service that manages even those images that are not as perfect as the wallpaper on your desktop.

Too small plates

The software is flexible enough to decipher small characters, that may come in handy if the system does not have a zoom view.

anpr for over-exposure image


Contrast is key. No matter how overexposed an image is, if there is contrast between the plate characters and their background, the ANPR engine will be able to decipher it accurately.

Distorted plates

Vehicles captured from an angle will result in distorted plate images. Its characters, however, can still be deciphered by the engine.

anpr for blurred plates

slightly blurred characters

You can always increase shutter speed to avoid blurred images, but what if you have no control over the camera? If the human eye can make it out, our ANPR Cloud can too.

cloud anpr for low-light images

Low light images

Bad weather or improper camera settings can easily result in dark images – but they won't hinder OCR performance.

traffic monitoring in bad weather

images taken in bad weather

When some parts of a character are covered by rain or snow, the clever AI in our system can still figure out the characters.

Frequently asked questions

No data is stored in the cloud. Your data are used only for the recognition process, temporarily stored in the Amazon web server’s ultra-encrypted storage before being entirely deleted. Both, images submitted to the cloud and the data sent back to your system, are secured with SSL encryption. All data are managed according to GDPR.

Yes, our free subscription does not require any payment information. Once you use up all 200 of your free submission requests, you have to wait until the beginning of the next month, when you will be granted another 200 transactions.

What makes our service easy to use is that it does not require any classic integration skills whatsoever. That means no special expertise is needed: with intermediate, general IT skills, anybody can perform the setup. That means you need to know how to use REST API and understand the JSON format. It’s as easy as copy-pasting a code line instead of getting caught up in complex programming.

For testing, we recommend subscribing to our free service, which gives you 200 transactions completely free of charge. Click here to register.

Go to the page where we show the process step-by-step, giving you details how to get started using our ANPR Cloud service.

Still have questions? Visit the FAQ page.

See the full list of questions & answers

Technical details

cloud anpr technical details

Technical details

Input formats

BMP, JPEG, location data, PNG, source name, unique ID

Request formats

HTTP post method, standard multipart / form-data format


SHA-256 hash algorithm, according to (FIPS) PUB 180-4

Supported operating systems

Cloud-based SaaS, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows


Pay-per-use, based on credits: 1 credit equals 1 ANPR transaction or 1 make+model+color identification.


Character suggestions, confidence level (in %) of recognition, coordinates of plate and every character, country/state/province ID, ID of recognized images, license plate in ASCII or UNICODE format, time stamp