Application areas

cloud anpr is easy to scale

Scale it to suit any project

From a small gas station drive-through to even a nation-wide tolling system…

There are no limits to the scalability of ANPR Cloud, which can be adapted to your project, be it a small-scale application or a mega project entailing millions of data events every day.

What follows is a sample of the many application areas that benefit from license plate recognition, be they an on-premise solution or a SaaS cloud service.

Low-traffic environments

Processing up to a few hundred vehicles every day, these applications will run well with the 10K or 15K ANPR Cloud subscriptions.

license plate recognition for corporate parking

Corporate parking systems

With an ANPR system, not only is parking on busy mornings quick, but it also gives a smooth drive-in experience for employees.

access control system for industrial environment

Industrial area access control

Checking all incoming vehicles and simplifying regular visitors’ access to industrial areas is a must which can be easily implemented using license plate data.

cloud anpr solution for shopping mall parking

Shopping malls

Offer a ticket-free parking experience in shopping mall parking areas and show the number of remaining spaces right at the entrance, based on ANPR data.

Medium-scale projects

Depending on the traffic load, multiple ANPR Cloud subscription packages may be suitable for your project needs.

traffic monitoring system using cloud anpr

Traffic flow for city streets

Avoid congestion and traffic jams by collecting and analyzing vehicle data or creating a congestion charge system.

gas station identified vehicles using cloud anpr

Gas stations

Whether you’d like to introduce a loyalty program or prevent drivers from taking off without paying, your filling station needs a proper vehicle identification system.

cloud anpr used for traffic security

General traffic safety

Aided by ANPR and vehicle identification, speed control and driver behaviour analysis are used to prevent accidents and traffic violations.

Large traffic systems

Consider our deluxe subscription packages, or feel free to contact us to get a unique, tailor-made solution designed especially for your project.

cloud ANPR for nation-wide tolling

Nationwide tolling

By using automatically recognized license plate data for customer identification, countries with digital tolling systems eliminate both the need to distribute highway tickets, and long lines, at stop-n-go toll booths.

cloud anpr for smart city projects

Smart city projects

From the inner city to the highway, smart city projects are becoming more and more wide-spread, and are highly reliant upon accurate vehicle data, such as ANPR and vehicle identification.

border control anpr system

Police & border control

Speeding up border control operations is crucial. By applying ANPR technology appropriately, both stationary and mobile control points help maintain traffic flow and security.

cloud anpr adapts to the traffic load

Unsure of your expected traffic load?

This is the best part of using a cloud service: you don’t need to know the exact amount of traffic your project must accommodate. Get started easily with any package we offer based on your initial estimation and, if necessary, switch to another easily later, when your live project shows the exact traffic load. We at Adaptive Recognition give you the freedom to upgrade, modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

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How to select your first subscription package

Let’s assume you are working on an access control system for a factory, where 300 workers arrive and depart by car every day. In an ideal situation, when your camera is properly positioned and all settings are well adjusted, 1 image per vehicle will be enough for accurate recognition. Three-hundred vehicles entering and exiting the facility will generate 600 recognition events per day. For 20 work days in each month, that adds up to 12,000 transactions per month, meaning our 15K subscription package should fit your needs perfectly.