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Full scalability

ANPR Cloud adapts to projects of any size, from small-scale applications to a nationwide endeavors entailing millions of data events every day.

On this page we collected some examples of the many application areas that benefit from license plate recognition, whether on premise or in the cloud.

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Environments with low traffic

We recommend the 10K or 20K ANPR Cloud subscriptions for projects with a daily traffic flow of up to a few hundred vehicles. Examples of such environments include:


Corporate parking systems

Enhance parking access control with ANPR technology for a smooth, touchless drive-in experience.


Shopping malls

Offer ticket-free parking and space availability guidance to customers for a better shopping experience.

Medium-scale projects

Several ANPR Cloud subscription packages are available to suit your project’s traffic flow.


City traffic

Collect and analyze vehicle data to create congestion charge systems and other smart city solutions.


Gas stations

Introduce license plate-based loyalty programs or prevent drivers from taking off without paying with the help of a vehicle identification system.

Move on to large traffic systems


Traffic law enforcement

Road safety authorities may use ANPR to enforce speed limits and conduct driver behavior analysis to prevent accidents and traffic violations.

Large traffic systems

For larger projects, consider our pay-per-use subscription packages, or contact us for a tailor-made offer.


Nationwide tolling

Digital tolling systems based on ANPR eliminate the need for highway tickets and toll booths, improving cost effectiveness and user experience.


Smart city projects

Accurate vehicle data serves as the backbone of many smart city projects, from traffic flow management, through emission control to green zone access management.

Unsure of your expected traffic load?


Police & border control

With the help of ANPR technology, stationary and mobile control points are able to better maintain traffic flow and security at borders.

cloud anpr adapts to the traffic load

Start with any package and switch later

The beauty of the ANPR Cloud service is that you don’t need to know in advance the amount of traffic your project must accommodate. Get started easily with a package based on your initial estimation and upgrade or downgrade at any time.

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How to select your first subscription package

Here is an example to aid your calculation:
Let’s assume you are working on an access control system for a factory, where 400 workers arrive and depart by car every day.
If your camera is properly positioned and all settings are well adjusted, 1 image per vehicle will be enough for accurate recognition. 400 vehicles entering and exiting the facility will generate 800 recognition events per day. For 20 work days in each month, this will add up to 16,000 transactions per month, meaning our 20K subscription package should fit your needs perfectly.