Within just 1 hour. That’s how quickly you can integrate our vehicle identification solution into your traffic system.

Forget about lengthy integration. Simplify your business processes by choosing our transaction-based cloud service, which automatically provides invaluable data to your traffic projects:
• License plate number
• Vehicle brand
• Model, and
• Color
We know the ins and outs of ANPR: In fact, our technology has been in use for 30 years in 100,000+ systems.


We have deployed the Carmen® license plate recognition technology at multiple sites and for several customers with consistently strong results. Adaptive Recognition has worked closely with our development team to provide licensing key configurations that would allow Kapsch to deploy multiple Carmen® instances to support high volume AET sites and still be able to meet accuracy and delivery time KPIs.

Thomas Kramek, Kapsch TrafficCom USA Inc.


The use of the Carmen® engine has produced a very manageable, predictable and cost-effective ALPR solution which ATS utilizes as a valuable, technology-based efficiency component, of the services we offer our customers.

American Traffic Solutions


We were really excited when we first tested ANPR Cloud. Now, a company with decades of development background has made their recognition capabilities available from the cloud. We are not integrators, but were able to set up our first test system within just a few hours, seeing high accuracy even in the beginning. Later, after fine-tuning our camera settings, we even achieved a rate of 98-99%.

Adrián Keresztény, Image Analytics Pacific

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Why choose cloud-based ANPR?

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, it likely makes sense to utilize a cloud service instead of building your own system:


When you're unsure of how much traffic your project has

In many new systems it is hard or even impossible to estimate the expected traffic load, so selecting ANPR software in a cost-efficient way is a matter of luck. Cloud systems, however, offer a pay-per-use model so the expenses fully correlate with your usage.


When you're not an ANPR expert

Building and integrating an ANPR system can take remarkable time, especially if you are new to the technology. When you use ANPR Cloud, it takes a huge weight off of your shoulders – let our specialist engineers handle things, efficiently and cost-effectively.


When you're not able to carry out new investments

Utilizing CapEx-type expenses has always had its challenges. Instead, having credit-based, pay-as-you-go pricing packages will better distribute your expenses and ensure a transparent and flexible cost planning for your business, whether it's a parking access control or even a highway tolling system.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from SaaS usage

Utilizing a software-as-a-service type of solution comes with remarkable benefits, which you will experience each and every day:

cloud ANPR frees up resources

Free up your resources

There’s no need for you to be an ANPR expert – our specialists have already put their know-how into the cloud. You’ll receive seamless ANPR data, automatically.

cloud ANPR reduces expenses

Reduce your expenses

Why build a system from scratch? That involves programming, technical challenges, and many other unforeseeable factors. With the ANPR cloud, you get the same functions without the hassles.

cloud ANPR saves time

Save your valuable time

Your time, like ours, is money. This is why we offer immediate results instead of lengthy planning and implementation. No delays or postponed deadlines in your project.

ANPR software with perfect ROI

Skip the investment costs, go straight to the benefits

Comparing a one-time capital expense to monthly operational expenses helps you decide how a transaction-based model can influence the financial side of your business. As we offer both types of solutions, we have a wealth of experience and an optimal understanding of their return on investment values. That’s why we’ve prepared an analysis for your review.

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cloud ANPR setup in an hour

Setup takes less than an hour

Unlike regular ANPR software products that come with extensive SDKs, ANPR Cloud can be set up in just one hour, literally. Forget lengthy integration – to use our service, you only need to manage REST API transactions and JSON formats.

When any technical questions arise, we’ve got your back with our free support service and easy-to-use guides to answer your queries within just a few minutes.

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Questions & Answers

Revolutionizing your traffic system

With the benefits of ANPR Cloud, you’ll be able to transform – even revolutionize – your daily operations.

cloud anpr with quick integration

Quicker-than-ever integration

ANPR Cloud unifies self-service and enterprise integration in a single platform, using REST API for integrating such services swiftly, and easy-to-use codes that allow any user to make client-side applications.

cloud anpr modernizes your application

Modernize your application

If you’re a small-scale integrator, you can finally plow through the barriers that have been holding you back from transforming your system into a real vehicle identification solution. ANPR Cloud’s engine architecture allows you to leverage the latest AI recognition technology yourself.

cloud anpr automates your business

Automate your business

ANPR Cloud offers an effective, cost-efficient way of automating vehicle identification processes. Without any more manual checks or the need for a constant human presence, your system will work on its own: automating and simplifying your business.

Your subscription options

We believe that a clear and transparent pricing system is the basis of any long-term collaboration – that’s why we’ve delivered one for you.

cloud anpr free trial


Get 200 ANPR / vehicle identification transactions every month completely free of charge, without any obligatory costs.

transaction-based ANPR service

Starting at $12 / month

Select from 8 options between 10K and 1280K monthly transactions according to what your business demands.

tailor-made ANPR solution

Project-based pricing

If you need more or some other capacity than our monthly subscription packages, we are ready to offer a tailor-made solution for your project – just let us know what it’s about.