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Combo Smart - Full-Page ePassport Scanner With OCR Software Library & SDK

The Combo Smart readers are a series of remarkably compact full-page scanners which extract customer and passenger data from identification documents of all kinds for verification against misuse, alteration or forgery.

The precision and velocity of Combo Smart scanners gives numerous advantages to border control, immigration, banks, hotels, rental car companies, and many other environments where secure identity authentication is a necessity.

Passports, visas, driver licenses, credit cards, cell phones, boarding passes, tickets and countless other IDs are all detected automatically, and verified rapidly and accurately by the Combo Smart.

The innovative software technology of the Combo Smart greatly reduces the time to make all image acquisitions and processing. Optical character recognition (OCR), bar code readings, authentications, optional RFID chip, magnetic strip or smart card readings are all achieved in an efficient single-step; demanding no manipulation nor repositioning of the document. These features eliminate fatigue in personnel and the need for special training.

The dust-proof IP53 optical module of the Combo Smart makes the images, the OCR reads the data from these images. The OVD visualization function and Reflection Removal (RR) technology helps OCR verification by showing the OVD signs on the captured images. The complete image taking process and data reading takes only a few seconds together. The computer and the Combo Smart communicate via USB connection. There are two auxiliary ports for convenient connectivity to other external devices.

Combo Smart scanners offer a larger image sensor (500 DPI) of high resolution (5Mpixel) imaging under LED based visible white light, infra red (IR) and an optional ultraviolet light (UV). Other available options include; RFID, magnetic strip and smart card readers. The RFID enabled models automatically makes face comparison between datapage photos and RFID DG2; and has two SAM slots facilitating secure storing of certificates and digital signatures.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) and drivers on a CD-ROM accompany the Combo Smart Readers. This ensures seamless compatibility with many operating systems and supports several programming languages. ISO and ICAO standards compliant, the Combo Smart also supports BAC, EAC, PA, AA and PACE authentications .

Being fully scalable, the Combo Smart scanners can meet any customer requirement. The Combo Smart reader, with its multiple options, is a small and efficient all-in-one-solution for any organization where fast data entry and ID document verification are needed.
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