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Combo Scan - Drivers License Scanner With OCR Software Library & SDK

Combo Scan: a compact and automated scanner to read and verify national IDs and international passports.

  • Scans MRZ, VIZ and 1D/2D bar codes of ID-1 size documents and MRZ codes of ICAO standard passports or visas
  • Scanning process takes less than 2 seconds per document
  • Automatic document detection and reading, reducing data entry errors
  • Saves 3 to 4 minutes per customer vs. manual data input
  • High resolution 450dpi duel LED Illumination under visible white and IR light
  • Reflection Removal (RR), unique to ARA, eliminates reflective security marks aiding OCR and verification
  • Ultra compact and ergonomic design:
    • no moving parts
    • dust proof IP53 optical module
  • SDK ensures seamless integration into existing systems
  • Power and communication via a single USB connection

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