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LetUgo - Vehicle Access Control Software with GUI, Database & SDK

LetUgo: a ParkIT LPR camera and Carmen Parking license plate recognition software used with automated vehicle access control applications to make a complete end-user software.

  • Automated control of vehicles entering or leaving a supervised area
  • Automated vehicle entry of cars with registered number plates
  • Gate/door controlled automatically and directly by the camera
  • Car park users have no need for access cards or codes; centralized registration
  • Easy registration of guest vehicles for given time periods
  • Blacklist; warns when an unwanted car appears at the gate
  • Full audit trail of all vehicles i.e.:
    • keeping records of incoming and outgoing times of each vehicle
    • storing all incoming/outgoing car images, plate numbers and time stamps
    • record keeping of traffic; each payment can be checked anytime
  • Advanced reporting capabilities aids statistical analysis and parking revenue calculations
  • User and administrator access rights
  • One PC can control up to 4 cameras
  • One camera covers up to 4 lanes
  • Manual gate opening option from the controller PC
  • Plug and play installation, easy to configure
  • Multi language Graphical User Interface (GUI), customizable layout
  • Available in source code

Keywords: Vehicle Access Management System, Car Access control, ANPR Software SDK, Automated Vehicle Access Control, LPR Software SDK, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Automatic License Plate Reader, Automatic Licence Plate Recognition, Mobilee LPR Unit, Automatic Vehicle Identification
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