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LetUgo - Vehicle Access Control Software with GUI, Database & SDK

LetUgo is a complete end-user software application for automated vehicle access control operations. The distinctly integrated ParkIT LPR camera, the Carmen Parking license plate recognition software and the user application is used all together with LetUgo.

The ParkIT camera takes a series of pictures of the vehicle and the Carmen Parking software reads its license plate. Both the pictures and the read plate number are then given to LetUgo for evaluation. Based on the preset access criteria in LetUgo´s database, the software then does or does not open the gate or barrier for the vehicle to pass through. An option of manual gate opening from the controller computer is also available.

When an external device (e.g. loop) detects the arrival of a vehicle to a gate controlled by LetUgo, it sends a signal through the camera to the system that executes the entire access control procedure.

The system keeps records of the incoming and outgoing times of each vehicle, leaving a full audit trail of vehicles. Automatic entry of vehicles with registered license plates can be made possible, without the need for access codes or cards. Warnings can be programmed to alarm in the event of unauthorized activity or when blacklisted or unwanted cars appear at the gate. Additionally, LetUgo can calculate parking fees for exit areas.

Included in LetUgo, is a database for flexible handling of vehicle registration and versatile access management. With the software one can easily manage a wide variety of access criteria, such as: from when and where a vehicle can enter or leave. All access data (images of passing vehicles, plate number, time stamps, etc.) is stored for later lookup, searching and reporting.

LetUgo is fully scalable and provides connections of up to 4 cameras to one computer, via an IP Ethernet connection. Several programming languages and operating systems are compatible. The advanced number plate recognition technology recognizes several plate types from different countries and of different character types (all Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Korean, Thai, Hindi and many more). The LetUgo interface can be easily turned into any language in Latin characters.

Indeed, LetUgo´s precision of license plate recognition and versatility of vehicle access management provides all that is needed for vehicle access control authorities and operations.
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