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SpeedCAM - Speed Enforcement Camera With Built-in LPR Software & SDK

SpeedCAM: a license plate recognition camera, IR LED illuminator, built-in CPU and a speed measurement radar.

  • All-in-one solution: camera, IR LED illuminator, ANPR processor and Radar
  • Integrated speed measurement (Doppler Radar) detects speeds up to 160mph
  • Embedded web server, accessible via web browsers
  • Built-in CPU provides automatic self-control and unlimited remote control access
  • Automated adaptive functions keep track of environmental changes and modify the camera settings as necessary
  • Diverse traffic monitoring functions such as:
    • real-time speed measurement
    • traffic counting
    • monitering of overweight vehicles when linked with WIM devices
    • travel time and average speed calculations
    • vehicle classification
  • Waterproof housing is suitable for extreme operation environments: IP67 rating
  • Many customized applications can be uploaded to the camera

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