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SpeedCAM - Speed Enforcement Camera With Built-in LPR Software & SDK

SpeedCAM combines an intelligent license plate recognition with a speed measurement radar to form a smart traffic sensor in a single sealed, robust and waterproof camera.

The built in smart camera provides an all-in-one solution for intelligent traffic monitoring and license plate recognition. It includes high quality image capturing in integrated illumination, a processing unit for license plate recognition, automatic self-control and remote access. All processing is done inside the unit: images, license plate texts, time and vehicle speeds are stored in a database within the SpeedCAM´s memory with easy access through a web-server.

The exceptionally accurate radar is capable of providing correct speed measurement and vehicle classification with its own intelligent signal processing. The real-time motion detection based self-triggering ensures efficient operation in any traffic flow. Virtually any vehicle speed can be detected easily, even up to high speeds of 160+ mph.

Travel time and average speed calculations, vehicle classification, traffic counting, and monitoring of overweight vehicles (when linked with weigh in motion / WIM devices) are some of the functions SpeedCAM offers. Automatic adaptive features can keep track of environmental changes and modify camera settings as necessary.

In SpeedCAM, the highly accurate data of the speed radar is linked together with the captured image, the time data, the location data and the recognized license plate number into one digitally signed data package. The images are compressed by the device´s real time hardware based image compression. The compressed images, with the attached data can then efficiently be sent out to a central processing system. Customized applications can be uploaded to the camera to meet various needs.

The camera, infra red (IR) LED illuminator, ANPR processor and the radar head are included in SpeedCAM´s single sealed enclosure. The durable metal housing is waterproof and has an IP67 rating; suitable in extreme operational conditions and environments.
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