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SmartCAM - Intelligent All-In-One Camera With Built-in LPR Software & SDK

The SmartCAM is an all-in-one digital IP camera, illuminator and integrated computer. The computer is built into the camera´s housing together with the IP camera. This allows the camera itself to run license plate recognition, container code recognition, USDOT recognition and other databases or applications. The computer in the camera has its own operating system, either Windows or Linux. Above the operating system, the device harbors an embedded web server making it accessible via web browsers.

Besides the above mentioned integrated computer, SmartCAM has a built in digital signal processor (DSP) for image acquisition and a field-programmable gate array processor (FPGA) for compression and other real time image manipulation, correction and enhancement tasks.

While image capturing, illuminations, compression and image correction are supported by the built-in DSP and FPGA, the multipurpose CPU can be used for different recognition or similar calculation intensive processing functions.

This combination allows a SmartCAM to perform even complex recognition tasks, such as real time embedded plate recognition or visual vehicle classification together with self controlled image acquisition. Self-triggering based on real time motion detection ensures client operation in any traffic flow at virtually any speed, even up to 160mph (250km/h).

SmartCAM´s accelerated image taking capabilities, with its automatic time synchronization (NTP), offers tolling systems, city congestion charging, journey time measurement, highway traffic surveillance, traffic monitoring, bus lane or red light enforcement and other law enforcement applications many advantages.

In extreme conditions such as: illuminations of direct sunshine exposure or reflections of light in the darkness of night, temperature ranges in the freezing cold of winter to high desert climates and precipitation from rain and fog to snow, the SmartCAM captures excellent quality and sharp images. The SmartCAM´s automated adaptive functions keep track of environmental changes and modify camera settings if necessary.

SmartCAM is built into a single waterproof, sealed and rugged metal case with an IP67 rating. The IR LED illuminator and ANPR processor are housed within to make a self-contained unit. The installation is simple: only the connection cables need to be plugged in and mounting screws need to be tightened.

The unique optical module with auto-adjustable shutter time allows the SmartCAM to capture high quality images in a wide range of traffic monitoring functions. The built-in processor allows the SmartCAM to keep track of travel time, calculate average speed, classify vehicles, and when linked with weigh in motion (WIM) devices, monitor overweight vehicles as well as many more advantages.
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