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FreewayCAM - Digital(IP) LPR Camera Designed for License Plate Recognition

FreewayCAM: an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) digital IP camera specially designed for use in high speed traffic environments.

  • Hardware accelerated, built-in real time motion detection
  • Captures images at speeds up to 160mph (250Km/h)
  • Observation distances from 9 to 60 feet
  • Built-in CPU provides unlimited remote control of:
    • auto brightness control
    • auto day & night switch
    • auto focus
    • auto lens control: adjusts zoom, focus, iris and shutter
    • auto illumination control: adjusts illumination intensity
    • auto trigger adjustment in visual loop
    • automatic time synchronization (NTP)
  • Adjustable image compression leads to low network load
  • Still images and compressed live video streams (MJPEG)
  • Powerful IR LED illumination with low power consumption
  • Waterproof housing for extreme operation environments: IP67 rating
  • Options: megapixel resolution, and external illuminators

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