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FreewayCAM - Digital(IP) LPR Camera Designed for License Plate Recognition

FreewayCAM is a versatile digital IP camera specially designed for ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) in high speed traffic environments.

Tolling systems, city congestion charging, journey time measurement, highway traffic surveillance, traffic monitoring, bus lane or red light enforcement and many other law enforcement applications profit from FreewayCAM´s accelerated image taking capabilities with automatic time synchronization (NTP).

The FreewayCAM consistently captures high quality images through the widest range of environmental factors, such as: illuminations from strong sunshine and reflections out of night-time darkness, temperatures ranging from freezing cold winter to direct sunshine exposure in high desert temperatures, precipitation from rain and fog to snow, and observation distances from 9 to 60 feet. The unique optical module with auto-adjustable shutter time and real-time motion detection based self-triggering ensures appropriate image capturing at virtually any speed, even up to 160 mph (250 km/h).

FreewayCAM provides unlimited remote control. Its high speed built-in CPU offers a range of intelligent functions, such as an automatic mode to configure settings of auto brightness control, auto day/ night switch and auto focus, etc. Adjustment of the zoom, focus, iris and shutter in the automatic lens control, adjustment of illumination intensity in the automatic illumination control, trigger adjustment in the visual loop (or visual trigger), are also made possible by the intelligence of FreewayCAM software. The cameras are available with different input/output port configurations (trigger in, trigger out, serial RS232) to fit your specific requirements.

Created in a compact and single enclosure, the device is totally waterproof and has an IP67 rating. The housing is made of a strong and durable metal and embeds the illuminator, the motorized autofocus, auto-iris, auto-zoom optics with its adaptive automated regulations. Only the mounting screws need to be tightened and the connection cables plugged in, making a remarkably simple installation; costing less and saving time.

Taking still images as well as yielding compressed live video streams (MJPEG), the adjustable image compression aids in low network loads. The Freeway CAM is equipped with powerful IR LED illumination yet has low power consumption. Megapixel resolution and external illuminator options are also available.

The FreewayCAM maintains consistent and high quality image acquisition under all geographic, weather, and lighting conditions to achieve the highest rate of license plate recognition accuracy possible worldwide.
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