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CARMEN ACCR - ISO Container Code Recognition Software Library & SDK

CARMEN ACCR: an automatic container code recognition (CCR) software specifically engineered to read the container codes of ISO containers.

  • Recognizes ISO6346 (BIC), MOCO (MOntan COntainer) and dimension codes
  • Identifies both vertical and horizontal aligned codes
  • Processes multiple images of the same container to ensure high recognition accuracy
  • Recognizes images from digital still, digital image flow and MJPEG video streams*
  • Optimal images are selected from the input sequence for optical character recognition
  • Checksum validation
  • Demo and test applications
  • Tutorial and sample programs in both executable and source code
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective
  • OCR technology is proven in worldwide installations

*Specially dedicated ACCR cameras are available from ARA for higher quality images

Keywords: ISO 6346 Read and OCR Recognition, Container ISO Code Recognition, ISO 6346 Container Marking Recognition, Container ID Recognition, Marine Air Shipping Container Recognition, Shipping Container OCR Recognition, Reading Container ISO Codes, Port Gate Camera, Reading Cargo Container ID Numbers, Marine terminal Automation
* Descriptions and specifications are subject of change without prior notice