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CARMEN ACCR - ISO Container Code Recognition Software Library & SDK

The CARMEN Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR) software is a special version of the CARMEN Recognition Software specifically engineered to read the Container Codes* of ISO containers.

The CARMEN ACCR is designed to recognize the unique ISO Container Codes from digital still images, digital image flow or live video signal, read them and to return them in a computer editable format for further processing and verification.

The unique serial number with check digit, the owner, the country code, the size, type and equipment category as well as operational marks (if any) of every cargo container are returned with the highest accuracy available in the market. Recognition of several images from the same container as well as horizontal or vertical text (in two or three rows) is made easily and quickly due to the applied technology of CARMEN ACCR.

As a result of our advanced optical character recognition technology, the CARMEN ACCR software makes rapid and effective data extraction for security, screening, and authentication; giving many advantages to intelligent control systems.

The CARMEN ACCR software can help to build comprehensive databases of traffic movement, automate and simplify airport, railway or harbor logistics, manage border control inventory and container surveillance systems.

Many operating systems and programming languages are supported by CARMEN ACCR´s software. Demo and test applications as well as tutorial and sample programs in both executable and source code are included in the CARMEN ACCR software package.

System integrators can build complete systems according to the exact expectations of their customers. A special container camera system is also available to produce optimal images for higher reading accuracy.

The CARMEN ACCR software is bringing rapid precision and accuracy to many complex intelligent recognition applications worldwide.

*Container codes function as unique identification numbers of ISO sea containers and are used to keep track of these containers in logistic and inventory management systems. Terms of using such codes are defined by the ISO 6346 international standard. This standard covers the coding, identification and marking of intermodal (shipping) containers (also called as ISO container, freight container, sea container, sea can, conex box, hi-cube container, shipping container, etc.) used within containerized intermodal freight transport.
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* Descriptions and specifications are subject of change without prior notice