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CARMEN Parking - License Plate Recognition Software Library & SDK

CARMEN Parking: an automatic plate number recognition engine applicable for parking & access control systems where cars slow down or stop at gates or barriers

  • Software license for 1 to 16 lanes
  • Friendly API ensures easy integration into any system
  • Handles any analogue (through FXVD4 frame grabber) or digital (IP) cameras
  • Country Independent Recognition Technology: Country, State,Province and plate type*
  • Plate color recognition, even on some B&W images
  • Withstands various plate sizes, syntaxes and distorted plate images
  • Auto adapts to the environment
  • Neural network controller
  • Functions libraries
  • Supports both Windows and Linux platforms
  • High accuracy and processing speed
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • World leader OCR algorithm for over two decades

  • * CARMEN recognizes and reads many license plates including Latin, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Thai characters and much more.

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    * Descriptions and specifications are subject of change without prior notice